Emancipation of a Minor (16 or older)

Emancipation of a Minor (16 or older)


Question: Shes pregnant with my kid, her parents keep us separated, and they constantly verbally abuse her telling her shes never going to be anything important, and she should just kill herself. her mom is a pill addict, shes always high on pills and always verbally abusing my girlfriend. Her dad is a cop, hes never home nd he just sleeps when he is. Im a highschool graduate, I have a job, and i’m working on getting another one. My mom and dad can assist us also. My girlfriend doesnt want to be there anymore and she’s always crying about how horrible they are to her and I don’t think anyone should have to go through that. She also plans to get a job and support herself. We can do this we just need legal help. I’ll pay for an attorney, whatever the cost, just help us.

Answer: Under Wisconsin Statutes Section 48.415(6), you could argue that her parents’ rights should be involuntarily terminated, because of failure to assume parental responsibility. This is tricky, but I could help.


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