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  1. my uncle own a construction company and made a verbal agreement including a handshake, with the agreement that if my uncle short sold this man (Eric) his properties (duplexes and other rental properties), that Eric would guarantee his company the work to be done to remodel said properties. They did remodel one duplex, bought the windows for another property that Eric purchased himself that they were promised the work on, and then found out that he had hired another private construction company to finish all the work that he (my uncle) was promised. This is about $25,000 worth of work that was to be done. He (my uncle) was not even informed of the change of hands of the work to be done. Eric told him he was just no longer going to be doing the remodeling, and upon driving past one of the properties my uncle sold him with the promise of the work, found another company doing the work. Does he have a case? And if so, will the case be taken with the usual practice of not costing him unless he wins? Please let me know asap, this is devastating him and our family. Thank you.

    1. There might be a case of promissory estoppel (or reliance on a promise unfulfilled) even if there is no breach of contract claim, which there still might be. I welcome you to contact me on the “contact me” link to discuss further, and I thank you for your question.

  2. Hello
    I have a title loan in Wisconsin and I just found out that they are illegal. I have missed some payments and try to communicate with them but now they want me to pay it in full or they will take my car. Can you help me?

    1. Chapter 138.16 refers to title loans, and what makes something a title loan under the law (e.g. a loan of $25,000 or less to a borrower, who obtains or seeks to obtain the loan for personal, family, or household purposes, that is, or is to be, secured by an interest, other than a purchase money security interest, in the borrower’s motor vehicle, and that has an original term of not more than 6 months.) Does your loan qualify under these terms?

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