Marital Property Exceptions

Marital Property Exceptions


Question: I have received a gift from a vendor partner of mine in the computer trade and it has significant value. Nearly $4k retail value and I am going to sell it to pay my bills. I received this after we were legally separated and she claims that she is entitled to half of the value that I get from the sale. I don’t care to keep something from her if she has a clear right to it, but I could also use the money for myself and our children. She filed and has left our home and we have a temporary order with 50/50 custody of our 4 1/2 year son. What does she rightly deserve? Thanks for the advice!

My Answer: Exceptions to the Wisconsin marital property rule of 50/50 division include property received by gift or inheritance OR property acquired after legal separation. This appears to both (a) a gift and (b) received after legal separation.

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