Moving Company Damages Furniture

Moving Company Damages Furniture


Question: Hi, In January I moved and hired movers. Non only that these guys broke some of my furniture but they went behind my back and tried to fix my desk without saying anything — I only saw what they did later that day. The desk is too dangerous to use now. A few calls later, I filed an insurance claim, and voiced my opinion on Yelp about what they’ve done. When they finally got back to me they told me that particle board pieces weren’t covered. So they would only give me $50 for the rest (plates, glasses etc.) but offered to pay an extra $200 if I deleted my review on Yelp. I refused, my first amendment rights are not for sale. Haven’t heard from them since. That doesn’t sound legal to me. What can I do now?

Answer: With respect to ruining your furniture, if it was mishandled, you could argue that you are owed its market value (under negligence and conversion theory).

Further, you could argue that the moving company committed fraud in attempting to conceal a defect in its work.

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