Our Policy

We work with you to get you what you want. At this firm, it is not about what the attorney wants, but what the client wants.

  1. Relentless – We never give up.  That is, we don’t win unless you do.  If we don’t make you happy, we don’t sleep at night. It is our goal to make your life better, and we will do everything we can to help you realize your goals – whether in court or in mediation.
  2. Respectful – We know the difficulty of pursuing a matter in court. Many do not understand what their clients go through, and many don’t care.  We want you to feel at home, and to know that we’re on your team.  Because you are our client, we will do everything to make you feel comfortable.
  3. Results – We will evaluate your goals holistically.  If we believe you have a better opportunity to meet your goals in mediation, we will suggest mediation rather than court.  With a mediation company, and experience creatively solving cases out of court, we will push alternative dispute resolution when it is most beneficial.  At the same time, we do not back down from anyone.  We will take any case to court, if it is in your best interests. Moreover, in court, we will be your zealous advocate.

We never shy away from anyone and we will do everything we can to get you what you want.

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