Worker’s Compensation for Being Injured on the Job

Worker’s Compensation for Being Injured on the Job


Question: After i went to doctor, he told me i tore some muscles in my shoulder. When i went back to work, my bosses said sorry that they didn’t think i was in pain – after i told them i was – and they didn’t think i wanted to go to a doctor after i told them i did.

Answer: I’m sorry that you have been forced to endure this unfair treatment. Luckily, the law is built to help those who’ve been abused as you have.

I agree with the two respondents. If you are denied time when hurt on the job, you can bring claim for worker’s compensation and under FMLA (for not being granted 12 weeks in the year to recover). Please email if you need assistance in this matter.

I wish you all the best.

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