Let’s say that two kids are arguing over an orange. One wants to eat it, whereas the other wants to use it to bake a pie. Neither kid is necessarily “wrong” for wanting what they want, so I ask you — who should get the orange?

I ask this question not to start some grand philosophical conversation, but to illustrate the practicality of mediation. You see, most people’s instinct is to pick a side and fight for a definitive, “one side wins it all” kind of conclusion. But not me. I prefer to find the middle ground that will allow both parties to walk away feeling pleased with the result. In this scenario, for example, I’d recommend giving one kid the orange peel for their pie and allowing the other to eat the fruit within.

Turning Conflict into Compromise

In law — and really, in life — nothing is ever as black-and-white as we might wish it were. I got a master’s degree in dispute resolution and became a Wisconsin-Certified Mediator for that very reason. Where others see conflict and dead-ends, I see opportunities for collaboration, compromise, and forward momentum.

Throughout the course of my career, this compromise-centric perspective has served my clients well. Driven by a desire to resolve their legal concerns as quickly and painlessly as possible, I’ve come to possess an incredibly high success rate in mediating disputes centered around employment law, business law, family law, and property law.

More often than not, finding the right solution requires a new perspective. That’s what I offer to my clients.

Recognizing When to Change Negotiation Tactics

Now, don’t get me wrong — there’s a time and a place for a more aggressive approach to dispute resolution. In fact, if you explore my case results, you’ll see that I have absolutely no tolerance for workplace discrimination and will fight tooth and nail to get my clients fairly compensated for such injustices.

Below are some other notable accomplishments that my clients and have achieved over the years. Each case required a unique, custom-made approach, and each resulted in a victory for my client:

  • Successfully defended corporate clients in the courtroom
  • Successfully represented corporate clients as plaintiffs in the courtroom
  • Successfully defended employers in cases brought before ERD
  • Helped various corporate clients draft bylaws, shareholder agreements, operating agreements, subscription agreements, shareholder meeting minutes, employment handbooks, NDAs, confidentiality agreements, non-competes, independent contractor agreements, agreements to hire, separation agreements, 990s, annual status documents, liability waivers, and stipulations
  • Successfully incorporated a number of for-profit businesses
  • Successfully filed 1023 to gain non-profit status for a number of clients
  • Achieved settlements on behalf of environmental law clients for $350,000, $325,000, and $180,000
  • Successfully handled a number of bankruptcy cases, both Chapter 7 and 13
  • Successfully handled a number of divorce, paternity, child support, and spousal support cases

Achieving these kinds of results takes creativity, clear communication, and a genuine commitment to client needs. Fortunately for my clients, these are the core principles that define me as both a person and a legal professional. But please, don’t just take my word for it — call me to find out what I can do to help you achieve your legal goals.

Bar Admissions

  • Wisconsin, 2011
  • Eastern District of Wisconsin, 2011
  • Western District of Wisconsin, 2011
  • 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, 2019


  • J.D. - Marquette University Law School, 2011
    • Dean's List and Pro Bono Honors
  • Master's Certificate in Dispute Resolution- Marquette University Law School, 2011
  • B.A. in English Literature - UC Berkeley, 2007
    • Sigma Alpha Lambda
    • National Honors Society Member Alumni Scholar, 2006 and 2007

Professional Associations & Memberships

  • FINRA Arbitrator (2019 - present)
  • Adjunct Professor at University of Wisconsin – Parkside and Lakeland University in Labor Law and Business Law
  • Milwaukee Bar Association
  • American Bar Association
  • Waukesha Bar Association
  • State Bar of Wisconsin Association - Labor and Employment Law Section
  • Milwaukee Bar Association LRIS Committee Member for Groups (2015 - present)
  • Teaches at Marquette University

Non-Profit Development

  • Environmental Accountability Group
  • Joey’s Place


  • Named Rising Star by Upcounsel - 2018